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    Excel file - import into drawings

    Peter Clark

      Hi all, I am using SolidWorks 2010 64bit SP5. I am looking for a way to import an Excel(2010) dimensional report into an assembly drawing. I have a fully dimensioned assembly drawing which has been used to create a dimensional report by a remote inspection team. Rather than manually recreate the Excel file in SWks (which I suspect may be difficult due to the fact the Excel file is full of embedded calculations) my plan was to add a drawing sheet with all the reference numbers noted on the drawing and import the Existing Excel file - I thought it would be a "30 minute exercise" but so far I have not had any success - which included my creating a standard table in SolidWorks and then attempting to copy across the contents of my excel file.

      Any advice on this would be appreciated as my only other "simple" option is to create a JPG of the Excel file and drop it into the SW drawing.


      Peter Clark.