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    Excel file - import into drawings

    Peter Clark

      Hi all, I am using SolidWorks 2010 64bit SP5. I am looking for a way to import an Excel(2010) dimensional report into an assembly drawing. I have a fully dimensioned assembly drawing which has been used to create a dimensional report by a remote inspection team. Rather than manually recreate the Excel file in SWks (which I suspect may be difficult due to the fact the Excel file is full of embedded calculations) my plan was to add a drawing sheet with all the reference numbers noted on the drawing and import the Existing Excel file - I thought it would be a "30 minute exercise" but so far I have not had any success - which included my creating a standard table in SolidWorks and then attempting to copy across the contents of my excel file.

      Any advice on this would be appreciated as my only other "simple" option is to create a JPG of the Excel file and drop it into the SW drawing.


      Peter Clark.

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          Deepak Gupta

          You should be able to insert the excel file directly by copying the cell and pasting into drawing. This will create the excel table ion the drawing which can be edited by double clicking.

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              Peter Clark

              Thanks Deepak, it seems I need to use "control v" to get the file into the drawing. I was right clicking and seeing no sign of a paste option I assumed it was not possible! reading your fast response I realised I should try another method to paste.


              Thanks again.



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                Elaine Brown

                I have found that when saving a drawing (such as a harness) that has an excel bom inserted on the face of the drawing, it disappears when I check it into PDM.  or at least the preview shows it but upon re-opening from the vault, it is no longer there.  any thoughts on what other options I could use to avoid the rework of it all?  Of course I am not using the latest electrical package..... just faking it to get by.

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                Wayne Easton

                I am trying to paste a fairly large excel spreadsheet into my drawing but I am finding that it is not showing all the copied cells. If I try to expand the window in the drawing, it simply changes the scale of the data rather than expanding the field.


                The image below shows the data I selected to copy from excel

                The image below shows the result of the paste into Solidworks.

                The result after trying to expand the window. I double clicked in the excel data to activate it and then re-sized the window.

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                    Joe Mandravelis

                    Hey Wayne.  I'm experiencing the exact same issue right now.  I'm using Solidworks 2014 and trying to paste an excel wire table into a drawing.  There is no way to adjust the amount of cells being shown.  You can only make the cells appear bigger, not showing more rows or columns.  My co-worker suggested building a blank table in Solidworks and pasting the information from excel directly into the Solidworks table.  I think I might have to take this route as the embedded excel file doesn't work like you think it should.

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                      Naga Ranjith Kumar Addagalla

                      Hi Wayne,


                      I assume that you can add more columns using Insert.  Based on the property name required you can proceed further(as per the attachment below).



                      Naga Ranjithkumar A