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Is is possible to delete the "number" field

Question asked by James Robertson on Nov 17, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2011 by Stephen Burke

We dont currently use PDM Works and have generated a large number of part files that have been set up with a range of properties that automatically fill out the title box on our drawings.


We have already got fields called "part number" and "drawing number" but I have noticed that when put a part into vault a new field called "Number" is added.


Is it possible to disable this field, or rename it to "Part Number" , the reason i ask is that it caused a bit of confusion when i was trying to demonstrate the basics of vault to our engineers.


At the point when i went to check in the drawing they saw a blank field called "number" and we are not quite sure what to put in it.


Logic tells me that we should ditch our oringinal "part number" field and enter the part number in the new "number" that vault creates.