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Annotations (Notes) Toolbar is Very Weak.

Question asked by Andrew Puclin on Nov 16, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2011 by Jim Lightcap

Why cant Solidworks spend 5 minutes upgrading the Notes in Annotations?

If you create A4 Pages in full colour I want the Note Inside the picture not at the outside edges. 

Hence I want the note to have black text with A WHITE BACKGROUND.  The same is in MS Word.

Solidworks has no choice for this.   The fonts size should be able to be changed where you type it also * next to a dimension*.

Also the arrows attached to the note should be able to be double clicked and made thicker and change colour. 


You can only make changes to Text and Arrows as System Changes.  What if you want 1 Blue arrow that is thick?


See the attached picture.


MS Word has basic Annotation features for years on Text, Solidworks just needs to incorporate some of them.. not reinvent the wheel.


Why does EDrawings have really good mark up Notes tools, Clouds Etc.. yet Solidworks drawings doesnt have the same ones?