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any premade basic 4 wheeled vehicle w/spring suspension that can

Question asked by Per Thompson on Nov 16, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2011 by Scott McFadden

be sent bouncing along some terrian?


I'd like to just get a basic box cart and play around with how it would handle different bumps using motion simulation.


Are there any "templates" of this already set up?


Any good basic insturctions or steps to follow to do this?



I'm thinking:



1  make the kart assembly, spec a material so it weighs something.


2  add springs


3  put kark on "terrian" .prt in an assembly with Terrian as first fixed part.


4  add gravitiy???


5  run linear motion???.......or would I be better off applying force and have the Kart go up a hill?