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    Part File suddenly empty.

    Tom Rendon

      We have a part file that was created as a mirrored part.  The original file and the derived file are both in the vault.  The original file is fine, but the mirrored part is empty, that is there is no geometry present. 


      The mirrored part was checked in and transistioned through the workflow, so there are two versions of the file in the vault, however both versions of the file are empty.  So basically, there is no physical geometry at any stage of this part's history.  I could dismiss this as user error, however there is a drawing of the derived part showing the geometry on preview, but when the drawing fully opens, the geometry dissappears.


      I have search the SQL and File servers, but the file integrity seems fine.  Any ideas or anything more I can check?


      This file can be rebuilt relatively easily, but I would still like to know what could have caused this.


      Any ideas??

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          Scott McFadden


          In trying to understand your issue let me see if I have this straight.

          You have a part file and a derived mirrored part file that are fine prior to checking into the vault.


          You check them in and somewhere in the checkin the derived looses its connection to the original part.


          While in the vault you see nothing as far as geometry in the viewer or are you saying that if you check it out again the mirrored portion is lost.


          What does your feature tree look like before checkin?  Do you see the external reference symbology?

          My guess is that if this is the case, you can check on the external references dialog and see a path

          that is being lost in the checkin.

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            Wayne Matus

            Is there a link between the two part files? If you try checking out the mirrored part, does the dialog also list the parent part? If you do a where used on all versions of the parent part, does it list the mirrored part?

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              Tim Read

              I have had this issue on at least 3 parts but every time I manage to find that a very same geometry error in the original part is causing the problem. Once the error is fixed the geometry in the mirrored part comes back...


              Try rolling back in the feature tree of the original model to a point where there is just basic geometry and see if the geometry shows up again. If it does then you have to hunt down the issue and fix it.


              Normally for me the issue has been geomtery that is bad but the problem doesn't show up until I round the part and make the geometry even worse.