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sheet metal - round hole in cone ?

Question asked by Peter Westenberg on Nov 16, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2011 by John Stoltzfus

good afternoon all,


Thanks for the incredibly fast reply's  !! it's working now i had to make the gap 1 degree otherwise it's to small like kelvin said.

Now I have solved one problem a other problem occures :S and because I'm not very familiar with the sheet metal module i cant solve this problem either (shame on me).


On the hole i create i want to make a tube with a inner diameter of 100mm  and height of 300mm on the hole in the cone.

But what's wise to do make a seperate sheetmetal part with on the bottom of the tube the same contour of the cone.


Or make a multibody sheet-metal part ? if it's the last methode i found

But i dont really understand how to do it. if somebody can give me some guiding, i'm very graceful !