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CadFaster - Has anyone tried Solidworks version?

Question asked by Don Michaels on Nov 16, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2011 by Tuomas Holma

One of our mechanical managers just handed me an article from Machine Design (Nov 3,2011) discussing CadFaster|Collaborate.  It claims "Plug-in lets users review huge 3d CAD models, anytime, anywhere". What also excited the manager is that it has an iPad app. The concept is that you "distribute models as portable executable files that include a compressed 3d model with an embedded 3d viewer". (This is similar to eDrawings). However, then: "After a session is initiated, multiple users can view and annotate 3d models, all at the same time". Apparently the users are all on the internet and viewing the same model orientation, etc. Sounds interesting, has anyone ever tried it? This may be an easy way to get Solidworks onto the iPad.