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Two parts, one have two configuration, other have external refereces to first

Question asked by Aca Kovach on Nov 16, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2011 by Aca Kovach

Hi there,


I have one problem. I have one part who have 2 configurations. This part have holes. Some of dimensions of holes are defined in Design table. Another part in assembly have also holes which are concentric to holes in first part (external references, no dimensions here). So, both parts have two configurations same like assembly and when changing between this configurations in assembly and then opening any of this two parts everything is OK. But when for example I close all documents and open only second part with external references when I switch between this two configurations part do not update hole positions. Holes are same for both configurations. I only can to open assembly then and to change to another configuration and then is part updated... This is problem for me because when I want to make 2 drawings for this 2 configurations for this part who have external references I do not get actual holes on both configuration. One is good and another isn't....


Is there any way to update part with external refereces when changing configuration and without opening assembly and manualy switching in assembly configurations?


Thank you!