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Vary sketch - equation driven assembly - pattern issue??????

Question asked by Tim Callinan on Nov 16, 2011


I'm trying to create an equation driven assembly and have one question. I've included an assembly of a wind tunnel diffuser - a diffuser is no different from simple duct-work other than the cross-section is changing.  Notice in the assembly - i have a set of global equations which drive the size of the other parts. My question relates to the central brace piece. I've put in a black arrow to point to the brace in the image. I want to be able to simple set the number of braces and the distance between them.

At the moment i have only 1 brace in the model but for a diffuser that long - you would have probably 5 or 6. Now a simple linear pattern would work but I need the brace to automatically adjust to the diffuser size. I've tried a varying sketch but cant seem to get it to work. Would i use a linear pattern or curve driven pattern for this??

Thank you for any help.