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    SMTP 'Server not found' error

    Brian Dalton

      We just rolled out our system and we find that we can't make the connection between PDM and our email system (Microsoft Exchange/Outlook).


      As usual, the help files are very slim and sketchy and the result of doing what it says is simply an error message that says "The server was not found".  We have tried several IP addresses and a few different ports as provided by the IT guys, but none of them seem to work.  We have pinged all these IPs and verified that they are fully responsive.


      For those of you who are successfully using this feature, perhaps you can fill in some of the (large, numerous) gaps left by the documentation:


      • It is not clear to me if we should be using a login authentication or not.  How can I determine if login should be required?  where does that setting reside?
      • If login is required, whose login should be used?  As PDM Administrator, should I use my own username and password here, or should the PDM system be given its own email address within the system?
      • Does it matter what is in the From Address and From Name fields in the Message System configuration dialog?  If so, what should they be?


      Many thanks in advance for any help offered by those of you who already have this up and running.  Our Database notification system seems also not to work (though it did last week, pre-rollout) so for the moment I'm physically running from desk to desk telling users that they have tasks waiting for them... not too efficient.



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          Jon Benavides

          Just a quick thought..


          Check to see if your antivirus is interfering.


          make suere that you have exceptions built in to your A/V software to exclude the following processes from sending datat to exchange server.


          - Client side: explorer.exe, inbox.exe
          - Server side: ConisioDbServer.exe

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            Tyler Kalosza

            Hi Brian,


            I think I have your solution, first I will tell you my situation.  Did you ever figure out what your issue was?


            I am using SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2012 SP0.


            I was having the same issue, getting the error "The server was not found".  The weird part about my issue was that it was working in the past (about 2 weeks prior), and e-mails were sending perfectly fine.  I successfully pinged the SMTP server from both my computer and the EPDM server, and I also tested the SMTP server with a VB Script I wrote that can send a test e-mail.  I will attach the VB Script at the bottom of this message.


            What I needed to do to fix this error was log onto the EPDM server and restart the service called "SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Database Server".  If you need any help doing this then try talking to your IT department, you don't want to mess around with services on a production server without experience.



            ~~~~VB SCRIPT CODE BELOW THIS LINE~~~~

            ' Script Name: Test SMTP Server.vbs
            ' Purpose:  Tests to ensure that an SMTP server is working correctly.
            ' Author:    Tyler Kalosza
            ' Created:   September 3, 2010
            ' Modified By: n/a
            ' Modified:  n/a


            Option Explicit


            'Error handler.
            On Error Resume Next


            'Declare modifiable variables.
            Dim strSenderName, strSenderAddress, strRecipientAddress, strSubject, strMessageBody, strSmtpServer, intSmtpServerPort


            '=======MODIFY THESE LINES TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS======='
            strSenderName = "Sender Name"
            strSenderAddress = "sender@example.com" 'With my experience this needs to follow your company's domain.  If you work for SolidWorks it would need to be "anything@solidworks.com".
            strRecipientAddress = "recipient@example.com" 'Can be multiple e-mails separated by commas.
            strSubject = "Test e-mail through the SMTP server."
            strMessageBody = "Here is the message body."
            strSmtpServer = "smtp.example.com"
            intSmtpServerPort = 25


            Call SendEmail(strSenderName, strSenderAddress, strRecipientAddress, strSubject, strMessageBody, strSmtpServer, intSmtpServerPort)

            'Send e-mail function.
            Private Sub SendEmail(FromName, SenderAddress, RecipientAddress, Subject, MessageBody, SmtpServer, SmtpServerPort)
                'Declare local variables.
                Dim intEmail
                Dim intConfig
                Dim theFields
                Dim strFrom

                'Initialize local variables.
                Set intEmail = CreateObject("CDO.Message")
                Set intConfig = CreateObject("CDO.Configuration")
                strFrom = """" & FromName & """ <" & SenderAddress & ">"

                'Perform operations.
                intConfig.Load -1 'CDO Source Defaults
                Set theFields = intConfig.Fields
                    With theFields 'SMTP Server Info
                    .Item("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/sendusing") = 2
                    .Item("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserver") = SmtpServer
                    .Item("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserverport") = SmtpServerPort
                End With

                With intEmail
                    Set .Configuration = intConfig
                    .To = RecipientAddress
                    .From = strFrom
                    .Subject = Subject
                    .TextBody = MessageBody & Chr(13) & Chr(13)
                    .Send 'Send the e-mail.
                End With

            'Garbage cleanup.
            Set intEmail = Nothing
            Set intConfig = Nothing
            End Sub


            Call MsgBox("Test e-mail has been sent.")