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Linking a property to a specific view in drawing

Question asked by Mike Dunn on Nov 16, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2011 by Bernie Daraz

I have an assembly built from 3 different parts. I made a drawing of the assembly. In that drawing there is one view (ISO) that is of the assembly. the other views in the drawing are views of the parts, not the whole assembly. I would like to just have a view of the assembly for reference but detail the components on the same drawing since they are all really simple pieces. My problem is linking the mass property to display the assembly weight. I linked to the mass but the link is pointing to one of the components, not the whole assembly. If i make another drwaing with only an assembly view the weight is correct. My qiestion is how can I point that mass property link to the assembly not the part? Is there a way to switch that? Thanks.