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Flatpattern/Edgeflange Question

Question asked by Jay Shaughnessy on Nov 15, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2011 by Denny Metcalf

Alright, so just a refresher but I am fairly new to the SW world.  I used to use almost exclusively AutoCAD, but our company is pushing to move towards strictly SW.  Most all of my SW experience is self-taught, so forgive me if I've missed something.




I've come across something that I'm not sure how to rectify.


When I go to set up my flatpattern drawing, there is a 0.05" gap between the edge of the material and the actual bend line.  Typically when I've drawn this in the past with AutoCAD, we would draw it so they are one and the same line.  My shop foreman is asking for the same result with our SolidWorks drawings, but I have not been able to achieve this.


For example, I'm trying to build a tray/lid.  The object itself, is quite simple.  A flat top/bottom with four flanges bent in the same direction.  I have drawn the sketch as we would typically issue the drawing to the floor.  The flat pattern showing the exact bend position, which is how I'm being asked to produce my final SW drawings.  Except I can't seem to stop them from being offset in SW.


I have attached two images for reference.  SW_SKETCH1, is what I would like it to end up as.  SW_FP1, is what I am actually getting.


Any suggestions?