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    Dimentioning theoretical sharp corners?

    Robert Freyvogel

      Enclosed is a piece that slides into a dovetail. The radius is just for clearance.

      I'm looking to be able to give a dimention that is the most relative to the fit. Is this possible or should I just lie in the text box.

      The dimension should be 1.244 to "theoretical sharp corner"

      Thank you in advance.

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          Paul Fey

          Outside of lieing in the text box, you have two immediate options.


          One is you could use import the model dimension that is the 1.244 from the model into the drawing using insert>model items.  You'll have to either delete the extraneous ones that get brought in or go into the model and change all the other dimension to not marked for drawing so they don't import.


          Alternatively, you could add reference points in your drawing, add relations to put them at the theoretical sharp, and then dimension from them.

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            Danny Sillett

            This is how I do it, but this is without looking at your parts.


            There's a couple ways to slice this.  If you have a sketch used to create a feature that shows the T/S, you can turn that sketch on in the drawing view and dimension right to the T/S in the sketch.  When you're done dimensioning to the sketch, turn the visibility of sketches off in your drawing view.


            Another option would be to do this.  In the drawing view, select the two edges that the radius is tangent to, (the edges that create the T/S.)  With them both selected, go to tools/sketch entities/point.  With the two edges selected it will put a point where those edges intersect.  Then you can dimension to that point.  If you don't want that point visible in the drawing, create a layer called "Hide" or something to that effect.  Turn that layer off, and after you're done dimensionsing, put the point on that layer to hide it from view.


            Label your dimension as "T/S" and you're good to go. 


            Personally  I hate lying on my dimensions by overriding their values, and I try never to do so.  If there came a day where I modified a model and changed a dimension in that area, I might forget that I tweaked a dimension and then I could be really screwed.

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              Jeremy Feist

              since you were good and modeled it with the sharp corner to start with, you have 2 options.


              1) use insert model items to get your original sketch dimensions into the drawing.


              2) place sketch points at the intersection of the 2 edges to create the virtual shrp to dimension to.


              in either method, I would recomend keeping the virtual sharp text in the dim.

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                Robert Freyvogel

                Thank all you guys very much.

                I ended up using addition points realitive to sharp corner.

                This forum is the best part of Solidworks. Thanks again!

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                  Troy Peterson

                  If you pick two lines then select the Point command a point will be placed at the virtual sharp.