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    Enterprise PDM causing slow downs in Solidworks

    Jon Benavides


      Solidworks 2010 SP4 (network license)

      EPDM 2010 SP4  (3 archive servers w/ replication)

      and the obligatory SQL server

      Windows 7 64 Bit SP1


      I am having troubles with performance intermittently. At various time during the day (and happening much more frequently lately) I get extremely slow performance while working in Solidworks with EPDM.  For example I do something simple like edit a sketch, exit a sketch or even something really stupid like just click on a drop down menu and solidworks will freeze for 15 - 20 minutes.  Sometimes it works very fast.  the same actions i mentioned above will take only a second or two to complete.


      Each time solidworks freezes and I analyze the wait chain it indicated that solidworks is waiting to complete some network I/O


      What I've tried:

      Working on another computer

      Uninstalling Antivirus

      Turning off windows firewall

      Borrowing a license and working offline.


      No change in performance.


      I ran a process monitor whilst working like this and even when just clicking on a dropdown menu like "insert"(before even selecting a command) and I watch EdmServer.exe constantly reading and writing to our server  <SERVERNAME>\Pipe\Sql\Query as well as a ton of registry keys.  Why???


      Has anyone ever experienced anything like this or perhaps have any insight into this problem?  At first I thought it might be a problem with the license manager but that doesn't seem to be the case.  But I'm not ruling anything out at this point.  I could really use some help and right now I am constrained on 2010 by our customer base.

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          Frank Krockenberger



          I had a similiar issue and it was due to two things,

          Either one put Solidwiorks to a extream slow down and it would only use less than 1G  of ram (I had 8G)

          it took SW 40-60 minutes to start up and took just as long to load files.


          1- when checking files into the vault, Selecting KEEP CHECKED OUT.

          2- I had to make sure that I checked in all my files before the vault was backed up in the evening.



          I hope this helps,



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              Jon Benavides



              Thanks for the response.


              No. 1 I do most of the time unless the files are not mine.


              I will try number 2 and see if that makes a difference.


              Im not certain but I think I may have identified that it could be stemming from one of the subassemblies or even the assembly im working in.  I opened a sub-assembly and got quicker response.  Still though its related to PDM just why a particular file would cause this behavior.. and intermittently is beyond me!  The reason i find it strange is that I have been working in the top level assembly for some time now.  Slow in the morining, and later normal speed.  next day.. same thing.. now it seems to be doing it all the time in that top level assy.


              I'll keep digging.

              Thanks for your input



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              Russell Saari



              We have had this problem also mainly with huge configurations in assemblies, parts. The toolbox also seems to be a very big issue for us. I don't know if these are the problems. If they are maybe a faster server, because it does not sound like a PC issue

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                  Jon Benavides

                  So an interesting thing happened!


                  I opened one of the sub-assemblies just to see if i could find one that was adding all that overload and an interesting thing happened.   I was notified on opening that this assembly was not rebuilt and and asked if i wanted to rebuild it.  I did.  Then I opened the assembly that I was having so much trouble with.  Bamm! the system was responding normally again.  Clicks that would take 16 minutes now only took a second or two.


                  There must be something about about the local cache with virtual parts and how they are saved and stored that complicates matters in PDM..