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    Recomendation hardware simulation

    Sudikin Tech

      Dear All


      Next month, I recommend to the company I work for SolidWorks buy premium with premium and work flow simulation.
      We can provide the best hardware spec for simulation, where I work usually buy workstations Lenovo brand (Think Station) for all SolidWorks license. It includes also to monitor with the best spec. Yet, 'm soo looking from recomended from solidworks,
      I'm waiting for suggestions from you all

      Thank you



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          Sudikin Tech


          Every body can help me....

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            Radoslaw Koneczny

            HP Z800 - with max possible RAM and fastest and largest possible HDD

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                Sudikin Tech

                Hello Radoslaw..

                Thanks for your information, but in my working using brand Lenovo (Think station) may be using S20 Lenovo...

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                    Jerry Steiger



                    I'm not familiar with how well SW Simulation or Flow Simulation uses multilple cores. Assuming that it does a good job of using them, then you will want to get a work station with the fastest processors you can afford and as many processors/cores as you can afford. Since performance never scales as fast as the number of cores, and because I don't know how many cores the software uses, I would aim for faster processors if you have a choice.


                    Second, I would get as much RAM as you can fit. I would pick a work station that gives you the maximum possible RAM and put in an as much as you can afford, although you might want to minimize what you buy from Lenovo and buy it elsewhere, as the prices at the box builders are usually much higher than what you can get outside. It is important that as many of your simulations as possible will run in RAM and don't need to use swap space, as disk access is so much slower than RAM.


                    Third, get the fastest, most robust, and biggest SSD that you can afford, possibly two of them. This will speed up access when you aren't able to run in RAM.


                    Fourth, get big and fast hard drives, as simulations generate lots of data. The bad new is that hard drive prices are really high right now due to the flooding in Thailand. You might need to go with smaller drives now and replace them when prices come down. I like a RAID 10 setup, because it writes faster but isn't quite as fragile as RAID 0, but it still requires twice as many drives, so it's probably not a good idea right now.


                    You might want to ask this question in the Administration forum, as there are lots of discussions there about the best hardware.


                    Jerry Steiger


                    PS. I just read the thread in this forum "What's your hardware?", which has some nice inputs from Charles and Anna that you might find helpful. They are two of the regular (and most valuable) contributors to the performance and hardware threads in the Administration forum.


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