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Cannot set EDrawings as default program for .dwg files

Question asked by Dan Labonville on Nov 14, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2019 by Daniel Leggett

I am running SW 2012 64 bit on win 7 64 bit os and I cannot get EDrawings set as the default program for .dwg files. I sent this to support a while back and they were not able to resolve it.


I had the same problem after updating to sp2 in SW 2011, but it worked fine before that. I can open edrawings and then open the .dwg file with no issues, but cannot make it the default program.


I am aware of HOW to set default programs. I cannot get edrawings to be the default. It is not listed in available programs for file association. If I browse to it and select it nothing happens.


Any suggestions?