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Duplicate Existing Drawing but Referencing a Different Part

Question asked by Nicholas Ihle on Nov 14, 2011
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I have created several assemblies that are very similar; some of the dimensions are just modified slightly.  I just completed the first drawing for one of the assemblies and found that it was very time consuming due to the amount of dimensioning, etc.  Is there a way to copy/duplicate this already existing drawing and just have it reference one of the other assemblies I have created to cut down on the time it will take to create the rest of the drawings for the remaining assemblies?  I understand that I may have to fix a couple dimensions due to the differences in the assemblies but it would probably take much less time than creating a whole new drawing multiple times.  I would think that you would be able to "save as copy" the drawing and then break/modify the reference link but I have not been successful so far.  Any help is much appreciated; thanks.