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    Hide Folders from users?

    Mathew Stevenson

      We have a lot of project folders and we show some users the files from each state but I can not hide the folders. Can I hide them per user?

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          Ravi Teja

          Hi Mathew,

                       Folders visibility is inherited from the Top Folder ,unless specified Otherwise.Are all the folders made using a template.(we can have different permission per folder in a template).

                       Do you want to control the visibility of folder with the visibility of files in it?





          Ravi T

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            Steve Hammond

            Hi Matthew, the best way to organise EPDM is to put users into different groups. You can then control the access to folders based on the groups that they are in. Make sure you also have the ticked the option to delete folders from a users machine if they don't have access. If your still in need of help let me know and I could remote into your desktop to show you.



            Steve Hammond



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                Brian Dalton

                Steve, I assume that the permissions you speak of are assigned in the Admin utility by choosing the Group properties/Folder Permissions section.  What I can't see is an option to 'delete folder from a user's machine if they don't have access'.  Can you tell me where to find this option?


                Thank you.

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                    Steve Hammond

                    Hi Brian,


                    The option to remove a folder and it's contents should the user not require or be allowed access is in the following location...


                    Right click on "users" (or alternatively the user or user group in question)

                    Choose "settings" from the right click menu


                    This will bring up the following menu...



                    As per the above image, click on "Explorer" and you'll be presented with the following options...



                    Tick the "automatically delete local read only files that are not part of the vault".

                    It's also a good idea to tick the option to "show only files that are part of the vault" for general use.


                    (NB: Just to clarify, in the above images I have both options unticked as this is the Admin user's profile and I want this user to be able to have full access to the vault)


                    Hope this helps!!


                    Steve Hammond





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                        Charley McGowan

                        I have both of these selected, but the subfolder still shows up if the parent folder is selected. We have some subfolders that we'd like certain users to have visibility to, and other subfolders that we'd like them not to see.


                        It doesn't seem like changing the user, or groups setting on this has any effect on the visibility. No matter how many times we deselect the subfolder, the persmissions still remain.