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How would you achieve this result in sheetmetal?

Question asked by Jonathan Stokes on Nov 12, 2011
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I am trying to end up with a tab sticking out from a sheetmetal profile as per the attached pdf.

Although I have created it it seems to be a long winded procedure.


I created it by drawing the sketch for the extruded cut, creating the cut then spliting the base flange to allow me to create a sketched bend on the edge.

By doing it this way I can achieve the flat pattern for laser cutting.


My questions are:


1 Is there an easier way so you do not need to create a split line?

2 Try as I may I cannot create a linear pattern of the resulting feature?

3 Is it possible to save the feature as a design library item for easy insertion into a sheetmetal part?


Hopefully someone can help.