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Search EPDM but exclude folders...

Question asked by Tim Turpin on Nov 11, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by Mahmoud Ebesh

Is it possible to search epdm but to excluded certain folders from the search?  I am trying to search a certain directory but want to exclude certain folders in that directory.


I am trying to search for the following:


a) all *.pdf in Working Directory  AND

b) *.pdf which are in Released State   AND

c) all *.pdfs not in Working\Doc Control directory


I have been able to accomplish a) and b)  but not the entire a) and b) and c).


Is it possible to use the Variables tab to exclude the Working\Doc Control directory?  Help with this would be appreciated.


Other suggestions...


Also, currently on EPDM 2008 so there may have been improvements to search in newer versions of EPDM.


Thanks, Tim...