Kevin Corr

2010 electrical routing and EPDM general fail with internal flattened parts

Discussion created by Kevin Corr on Nov 11, 2011

Disappointingly, for already made routing subassemblies, there is no workaround or learning of a different procedure for checking in routing subassemblies with flattened internal parts into an epdm vault in the 2010 version of the software. The problem is a software bug that is fixed, in 2012.  The VAR confirms this. They also say Solidworks Corp. won't fix it since its fixed in 2012. Remodel all routes checked in with internal parts(UGH!) It remains a mystery as to whether it is fixed in 2011.


For yet to be made routing subassemblies going into an epdm vault in 2010, the routing option to save parts externally should be set.