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Generated Rotor(G-rotor) type oil pump simulation

Question asked by Abhishek Thakur on Nov 11, 2011
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Hi everybody,


I am new to solidworks flow simulation. I have created a CAD model of pump with inner rotor & outer rotor housing and cover plate. I need to do the flow analysis of this assembly. I have tried using global rotating method but the problem is that we can assign RPM to assembly and fix non moving walls as stator. But here outer rotor gets rotation from inner rotor only i.e. if gear ratio b/w inner to outer is 9/10 and i give 1000 rpm to inner, outer shud rotate by 900. What shud I do. Should I use local rotation method and assign wall rotation of 1000 rpm to each wall of inner and 900 rpm to each wall of outer rotor and keep other walls stator?? the inner rotor moves eccentric to outer. How to do analysis with that feature. Also please tell if there is any need to include clearences between housing and rotors like axial clearences, end float into flow simulation analysis. Any suggestion will be very helpful to me. Thanks in advance