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Weldment BOM, overall lenght of used profile(s)

Question asked by Arto Kvick on Nov 11, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2011 by Arto Kvick

Hi all,


I'm wondering this weldment BOM, where you get the overall lenght of used profile (sorry for the lack of correct terms and BOM names, I'm not in front of my setup).


It seems that only thing that EPDM is using to get the overall lenght is Description -info. So every profile, with same description is calculated together... Am I right? If so, this is truly not the right way... Description is the same for a I -Beam, whatever the size is... it should check the Description, dimension, standard and material... at least... or best, it should be configured by user... Am I missing something?


I'll get back with screenshots, as soon as I get my system up and running...