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How to fix the twisted edge and irregular boundary?

Question asked by Dale Murley on Nov 10, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2011 by Lenny Bucholz

Have this part to work on. I .120 steel, customer supplied STEP file. The problem lies in the surface that joins the two parallel faces. Cannot convert to sheetmetal because I think the designer used an "electric hand-held carving knife" to shape the edge of this face. Not only is there not a flat face anywhere along this material thickness edge, but the boundary of the non-horizontal face is irregular. I believe it may have originated as a spline. I included a closeup of the area.

Anyway, what would be the best practive to fix the irregular edge/face so it can be converted to sheetmetal?

I really need to "resculpt" the boundary and edge of that flange.


Initially I started using delete face and patch but that function will not remove the .020 edge radius in the area of this "twisted/carved" edge (which also has the .020 radius). I have no idea how the designer generated this part.


I don't know if I have accurately described the problem with this model.