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    visibility of forces in Simulation

    Carl Gauger

      I am analyzing an assembly in which some parts are interior to a larger part.  When I run the simulation, the resultant forces I would like to see are hidden inside the larger part.  Of course displaying it as hidden, transparent, or in wire frame, sectioning, etc. does not apply within Simulation, and when I go back to the model view, my results disappear.


      Is there a (perhaps very obvious) way to make the forces on the inside components visible in the display?




      Carl Gauger

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          Sander Buys

          Hi Carl,

          Do you mean the actual reaction forces, or simply the stresses (you know the nice colors from blue to red) ?

          If it are the stresses you're after I can think of two things:-

          - you can hide any body, or use isolate in solidworks to hide all other components. At first your plot won't be any different. You have to first activate another plot, and next you reselect the stress-plot. you will see that only the isolated body will be displayed now. In addition you can double click your colorchart and activate the option "adjust range to showed components" (or something like that, it's on of the checkmarks in the top of the chart settings property manager).

          - another way is to use the section clipping ability. This won't hide the other parts, but you will get a sectionlike view wich will allow you to uncover stresses which weren't visible at first.