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Advanced tools in SolidWorks Motion

Question asked by Hari Padmanabhan Employee on Nov 9, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by Alessandro Tornincasa

SolidWorks Motion has advanced tools to help you understand if your design will move correctly or if the calculated body forces are correct.  Last year I was working with Marina Platforms on one of their scissor lift designs. The biggest challenge they were facing with the motion software was that the forces predicted were incorrect and they were getting different results every time they ran it as compared to what the actual scissor lift was experiencing during testing.  I have posted a video which is about 25 minutes long where I have used different tools in motion to get the correct desired motion, correct reaction force while using different tools to get rid of redundancies. I have also touched upon the event based motion functionity on how you can specify the motion sequence using servo motors, sensors, triggers and actions. And finally, I have also shown how you can use the stress recovery tool to get the stresses in parts.


For existing users who have used these tools, please share your thougths on how these tools have helped and what needs to be improved.


Thanks and enjoy the video.



Hari Padmanabhan