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Build Table from Part Configuration Data in Drawing

Question asked by Michael Wade on Nov 8, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2011 by Michael Wade

I think I already know the answer to this one but I'll ask anyway.  I may get lucky.


The way our company builds parts is we assign a Document Number (123-001) and we name the part file (123-001.sldprt) and drawing file (123-001.slddrw) using that number.  The Part Numbers become the configuration names in the part file (123-001-1, 123-001-2, etc.).  There can be several Part Numbers associated to a Document Number depending on how many materials and finishes there are.  The Part Numbers are assigned the next dash number in line.


On our drawings there is a very simple BOM-like table with 2 columns, Part No and Description.  Right now we enter this data manually as a General Table being that a BOM table doesn't work (I assume, perhaps I am wrong).  Is there any way to automatically populate this table with all the part configuration data (Configuration Name and Configuration Description) as a design table or macro in the drawing?  We are on the brink of launching EPDM (I'm in the process of configuring it) and there is a block called SWCfgProperty with Name and Description attributes in the Variables.  Is this something that could be ported over?  It works for data cards, just want to know if it can work magic in drawings as well.


Any help is appreciated.