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Concentric coincident mates lost when files copied

Question asked by George Skribas on Nov 8, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2011 by George Skribas

It seam that i have the same problem that was discussed here is that i loose certain mates in routing parts.


When i copied my files (with save as copy, using the references method) my routing parts such as unions and flanges lost the concentric and coincident mates. Those mates were greyed out (check attached pic) with a message saying that some features were suppressed. The fact is that nothing was suppressed. All those mates where applied in routing assemblies in assemby mode (not edit route mode) which is the normal procedure.


Has Solidworks changed again the mating method, or is it something else? I use SW2010 SP2.1 64bit.


I know it isn't a routing problem but i also encountered a similar problem with my weldment structures when i copied the same files. I have placed some construction lines to fully constrain my pipes to the perimeter of my skid construction. In order to avoid mating to faces of the weldment profiles (it could cause a problem, if somewhere in the middle i would decide to change the weldment profile) i used dimensions and mates between my construction lines and the weldment's sketch lines (weldment sketch lines never change!!! except if you decide to delete them). Now when my files are copied (with the same reference method as before) those mates still exist as a relation but they arent actually related to this specific weldment sketch line, e.g if i click on the end point of the construction line as shown in attached pic, no pink line appears which means that SW cant find the line to which this point coinsides to!!


I believe that the second weldment issue is again related to copying problems.


I would like to hear your opinion on this.First time i experience it....