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Displaying Revision levels in title box and revision table

Question asked by James Robertson on Nov 8, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2011 by James Robertson

Hi Guys,


I have been tasked with implementing PDM works at my company and have a few of questions regarding revision levels.


The first question is how do I get the revision level to appear in the drawing border, the drawing template file we have at the moment seems to have been quite heavily modified by the engineers at some point and I can only assume they have somehow deleted the field or attribute that references this from vault.


If someone could give me some basic pointers or  keywords to search on how to do this it would be appreciated.


My second question is regarding revision tables.


I have set up a dummy part and drawing file in the vault, the drawing file in the vault is now at revision E and I have added a note that I want to appear in the revsion table.


Previously i had inserted a revsion table using " Insert > Tables > Revison Tables" from the drop down menu and i had expected it to update to show my note and revion E but nothing happens.


I have also noticed that if I check out a drawing file and then check it back in it updates the vault revision level whether I make a change or not, given that we are just starting out with vault i have visions of the engineers being at revison Z within days, is it just a case of telling the engineers not to check someting back into the vault unless they actually make a change?


Unfortnately im not really a solidworks user and have been tasked with setting this up due to our engineers being so I apologise in advance for asking silly questions.