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    How do I import mixed unit dimensions from a model?

    Charles Hilton

      Does anyone know how to bring in mixed unit dimensions into a drawing (i.e. models that have both decimal dimensions and fractional dimensions)? In a given model, certain dimensions I override their units to be decimal or fractionl (Other Tab > Orverride Units).


      Every time I bring dimensions in (using Model Items) they always use the drawing's units (which is fine, because SW is doing what it was told to do), so I end up having to go through each of the dimensions again to correct their display, changing fractional dimensions to decimal or visa versa. I work with some pretty old school hand-drawn drawings sometimes, and I guess it was time before GD&T was widely used, but the Unless Otherwise Specified (UOS) callouts go something like this:


           All decimal diameters to be concentric with one another within .001".


      So it would be a time-saver if I could import dimensions from a model as they are displayed in the model.