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Editing Imported parts

Question asked by Robert Bradshaw on Nov 7, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2011 by Scott McFadden

Hi Everyone! I'm new to the forums and new to Solidworks


My first question is this: Can I import a part say (step) and modify/edit that part??  And is there a "best" file type to import as if this is possible?


Let me better explain what I'm TRYING to do here. I'm in the jewely industry and I want to import a part I made in my design software (3design) and "flatten" it. It's a part of the ring and I want to flatten it and export as a dxf so i can then bring into corel draw and extract the lines and save as a .Plt


So I guess the real question, is can i import a model, FLATTEN IT and export back out???




Thanks all,