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proper speaker installing into ABS cover

Discussion created by Joel Rapoport on Nov 6, 2011
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hello all,



im designing a new medical device that has a very small speaker pointed to the back of the device.

im looking for some recommendations and/or a guide for properly installing the speaker so there will be no problems after.

im talking about things like: should there be a distance between the speaker and the rear cover? should i put a Poron between the speaker and the ABS rear cover? should there be a round rib around the speaker so there will be no sound waves reverberating into the device, and so on....

is there a guide for these kind of things? i looked in Google but only found guides on how to install speakers into your car door. which doesn't really help me.


by the way, its a very small 28mm diameter, 8 Ohm speaker.


any help in this area will be great.



thanks in advance,