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Problems with complicated flange

Question asked by Dustin Dobransky on Nov 6, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2011 by Dustin Dobransky

Hello Everyone,


I am rather new to Solidworks (~3 weeks of actual use), and started working with the sheet metal features in SW today.  I watched many tutorials on youtube, and have searched many forums to try an solve my problem, but to no avail.


My current project is making a model of a mouse trap, and the release mechanism is made of sheet metal (in real life, and in the model)


The release mechanism I am trying to model looks like this:



The sheet metal part I currently have made looks like this:

release mechanism unfolded.pngrelease mechanism folded.png

I can't seem to figure out how to create a flange from the part surrounded by the red rectangle, along the green line.  After experimenting for a while, I decided to try an alternate approach...


I tried extruding the entire shape as shown here:

release mechanism unfolded 2.pngrelease mechanism folded 2.png


and creating a flange along the bottom edge.

Unfortunately It seems to me I am limited to the length of the edge as shown here:

release mechanism folded 3.png



However, I havent been able to change the dimensions of the flange easily.  I would like to extend the flange in the direction of the green arrow, and change the dimensions of the flange to remove the blue triangular area. When I flatten the flange, the part looks ends up with overlapping material:

release mechanism unfolded 3.png



Is there any easy method to 'smart dimension' the flange to fit inside the extruded area when flattened?  Or are both my approaches incorrect?  Perhaps there is an alternate, method that is much better?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.