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Solidworks Motion API CSV Export

Question asked by Angelo De Dominicis on Nov 4, 2011

Hello All.


I am doing a macro to perform some tasks on a motion study that end with 4 plots needing to be exported as CSVs. The mechanism is a robotic arm attached to a pathmate motor in order to solve joint motor displacements over time, that is,a inverse kinematics problem. Since there are multiple configurations for the path, i have coded a short macro to refresh the model, change configurations and run a predefined event based motion study.


The motion study includes all four plots already defined and the macro needs to export each of them as CSV files. Checking the API web help, i have encountered this.


And is there where it gets picky, how do i get, start or select each plot and assign it to the PlotFeature object in order to it to be used by Function ExportCSVFile?

Is there an API to get these objects?.


Navigating through Knowledge Base, a Closed SPR states the need for an api which perform the aforementioned task and seems to be that the only way to select or get a plot feature as an active object is to create it inside the macro. I am avoiding to do such thing since selecting entities is out of the question (too much iterations to be performed)


Is there another way to export text data from EXISTING motion plots?


Best regards.