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Can't check in assemblies / prints with checked out components ( API )

Question asked by Greg Rupp on Nov 3, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2011 by Greg Rupp

I have an addin that checks in files once they've been through our ECO process. It works great except for when that file is an assembly or drawing that has a related sub file (component, subassembly, drawing, etc.) checked out by a different user.


FiletoValidate1.UnlockFile(iParentWindow, Comment ); // Check in the file with a comment


Throws the error...      "The file isn't checked out by you, which is required by the operation".


Any help on this would be appreciated. The funny thing is, after it errors out and stops, the file it errored on remains checked out by the user. Go figure.





Solidworks 2011 sp3.0

EPDM 2011 sp3.1



Before I check the file back in, I check to make certain it's checked out by the currently logged in user (which is the same person that executed the task).