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    Some Simulation Xpress Advice Please

    Monte Unruh

      We have designed a bending jig to bend some aluminum flat bars.  We do know that it takes 8 ton to bend one bar and this jig holds five bars.  They get bent into U shape.  I have attached the file and two screenshots.  We are concerned that the gold color roller might flex out a bit.   It does not appear we have the full simulation package.  Am I able to do any stress analysis with Simulation Xpress?  I posted a question about this same assembly a few weeks ago.   At that point we were just wanting to simulate movement.  Now we would like to do a stress analysis.   Any input will be appreciated.  This is kind of a new area with SolidWorks with us.  thanks

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          Ryan Werner

          Hi Monte,


          You can do stress analysis with Xpress you are just limited with the options you can include.  From what you are describing though it sounds like you may be able to get some results that would help you out.


          Ryan W.

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            Jerry Steiger



            As I recall, Xpress only allows you a very limited set of restraints, so your results are quite likely to be badly off if the allowed restraints don't match up well with the actual restraints. I thinkyou are also stuck analyzing one part at a time.


            You will likely be forced to assume that the ends of your rollers are fixed, which is not a very good approximation to what really happens.


            The one part at a time issue will make it very hard to analyze the whole system. And the minimum number of possible restraints may make it impossible to get good approximations for the behavior of the individual parts.


            Jerry Steiger