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Configuration Name as Part Number in Data Card Field

Question asked by Michael Wade on Nov 3, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2011 by James Howard

The new company I work for uses the following methodology:  Parts are assigned a Document Number (e.g. 123-123).  This number is what appears in the title block and what the file is named (e.g. 123-123.sldprt).  The "raw" version of the part (i.e. unfinished) gets a "-1" added to the end of it (e.g. 123-123-1) and is called the Part Number.  Any other finishes are given subsequent dash numbers (e.g. -2, -3, -4, etc.), also Part Numbers.


The Part Number(s) would be the Configuration Name(s) within each part.  My major issue is trying to get the Configuration Name to show up in an Edit-Box field on the Part Data Card as the Part Number.  I cannot figure out the right combination of tweaking the Configuration Name variable and the Edit-Box settings.


Currently, my "best" result has been using the following settings:


Configuration Name Variable

Block name: CustomProperty

Attribute name: Configuration Name


Edit-Box Properties

Variable name: Part Number

Validation (Text Length): Min 1

Flags: Show in Explorer; Updates all configurations

Default value: Folder data card variable [Configuration Name]


SW Part File

I have a custom property called "Configuration Name" with a value of $PRP:"SW-Configuration Name" in each configuration (but not in the "Custom" tab) where the Evaluated Data correctly lists the Configuration Name (e.g. 123-123-1 and 123-123-2).


When I save a new part into the vault with these settings, the field is always blank.  I can uncheck "Updates all configurations" and the result is still the same.  The only way I can get it half-right is if I make a new Edit-Box and set its variable name to Configuration Name.  The problem is, it enters only the "123-123-1" configuration across all the configuration tabs in the data card.  But I need the Part Number field to update with the Configuration Name or else we can't export the data correctly to our stupid DBA program.


The thing that really burns me is that the Material property works exactly as it should.  I have different materials assigned to each configuration.  There is a Material custom property in each configuration using the system property, SW-Material, just like with Configuration Name; both with identical settings in their variables and Edit-Boxes in the data cards.  The Material field in the data card shows the different materials across each configuration tab while Configuration Name maintains the same name across each configuration tab.  Why?  They're both system properties (SW-XXX), they're both configuration specific, and they're both configured the same way.  Uuuugggggg.


The bloody tabs on the data card already list the configuration name.  Is there no way I can get this text into the Part Number Edit-Box?  Yes, we can enter it manually but the whole point of this is to enter information once and automatically replicate it.


Any help is greatly appreciated.  My apologies if it's not clear what I'm trying to achieve.  My questions on this board always seem so convoluted after I type out a novel trying to explain every aspect of what I'm seeing on my end.