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Moving Folders within EPDM

Question asked by Rodney Michels on Nov 3, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2011 by Ravi Teja



We just implemented EPDM four weeks ago.  In the early stages of evaluating the software, I was told that moving files and folders within EPDM was acceptable.  SolidWorks will find the files.  However, I am not seeing this as correct.  I think the problem stems from the files still are cached on the local machines of the users.  Because I am not allowing files to get checked in, when it or any references exist outside the EPDM Vault, a lot of my users are asking me what happened.  When they open their assemblies, they are recieving the unable to locate message.  One thing I have done that has resolved the issue was clear the local cache of where the folders existed and get the latest to where the folders exist now.



I have been successful fixing the issue, but what I am really looking for out of this post is, what are the best practices for moving folders that have subfolder and files in them and what are the steps for my users to make SolidWorks look in the correct location.