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    Middle button not rotating

      Ok for everyone else's knowledge. I figured out what happened. I am running two monitors. I am also running the Nvidia NView Desktop Manager. There is a mouse tab. Under that tab there is a setting "Toggle window z-order with middle mouse button." This had been checked somehow. Once I unchecked it, my wheel now works like it should in SW.
      Go figure the video driver program created issues with the mouse.
        • Middle button not rotating

          I have tried everything to get the middle button to rotate. No dice. So I was wondering does anyone know how to make a hot button that I can hold down and get the same functionality?? I have tried to use the arrow keys, but that isn't "adjustable/dynamic enough". It only roatets in a certain axis. I need to spin it sometimes.
          • Middle button not rotating
            Does Alt + middle button do what you need? You can also right-click in the graphics window and select Roll View, or add and select the Roll button on the View toolbar.