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Hacking the toolbox database

Question asked by Sammy Redshaw on Nov 2, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2012 by Tony Hayes

Hi I need  to add the range of  BS 1806 O-Ring sizes  to BSI_DATA_ORINGS_TYPE1 table 500 sizes!  Idon't want to add each one one by one so I exported the the table to excel and added the sizes. See attached excel file. I have  imported it back into excel using the wizard. But I cannot see the addtional configurations is there another  table I need to  manipulate?


Are there any links for how the toolbox database is structured? Are there any PDF doc on doing these things? And please don't tell me to use my VAR they are about as useful as an chocolate teapot.


Also i was wondering if solidwork are ever going to open source it and  allow users to contribute more toolbox items to the database?