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Simulation of an EDM'ed part with very thin areas.

Question asked by Michael Corbett on Nov 1, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2011 by Michael Corbett

I am new to Solidworks Simulation and need some help.


I am doing a static analysis of a linear flexure bearing that I will EDM out of one piece of metal.  The flexures are thin blades that are .005" (.14mm) thick.   I would like advice about the best way to run a static simulation of this part.  I am trying to determine how much the flexure will deflect under load. Before I do that I want to verify its movement under simple loading and comparing the results to Roark's.  I am not pleased with the results. 


I am not sure if I shoud run the simulation as a shell or solid.  Please help me out


Mike Corbett