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Using Existing Job files for another job.

Question asked by Jesse Jensen on Nov 1, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2011 by Jesse Jensen

Hello everyone.  Hope everyone is having a good day!


I was not sure what section to post this in.


I have yet another question.  We build alot of similiar units here at Paget.  I just created our first Callandria in Solidworks.  Parts, Assemblies, and drawings.


What I want to do is use what I have done for my next job and kust make the size changes needed as the next one is larger.  Is there a way to copy all the files to a new job folder and not have them reference to the one they were made for?  I know I can do a save as copy for each part, but how would that work in the assembly to keep the existing mates?  I do not thin I can just copy all teh files and post into a new folder can I?  Won't the reference's still bet there or when I open the assembly in the new job folder it will aske me where to reference parts from?


I want to make sure I am doing this right so I do not mess up any of the files for the job I just completed!


Everyone's help is always appreciated!