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Saving Large Assemblies

Question asked by Jamie Hernandez on Nov 1, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2011 by Travis Colley

Good morning to all.


I am knew to this forum, so my apologies for any improper etiquette.


I just started a knew company which uses SolidWorks 2011 as its primary design platform. My first project is a redesign of an existing product assembly. My approach requires slight modifications to each of the sub-assemblies and there relative Part models. I would like to maintain the integrity of the original assembly in its original design configuration. 


My question is;

Is there a method, besides "File Save As Copy'" option available, which when conducted will uniquely save the Primary Assembly and also save each individual Sub-Assembly and its Modeled Parts as a new assembly in one single step. This would save me a tremendous amount of time uniquely saving each individual Sub-Component, while also providing me the reassurance, that any component design changes I make within the newly designed product assembly will not migrate backwards to assemblies sharing modeled parts.


I hope that I have stated my dilemma clearly, and would appreciate any responses.


Thank you