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    Sketching help

    Thomas Le

      I know this is simple to most of you guys, but i was wondering if anyone could show me a quick way to sketch this hook.


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          Nathan Cser

          I would:

          1. make 2 vertical lines (they define the left and right-most vertical lines
          2. add an arc on the right-most vertical line that is tangent
          3. add an arc to the left-most vertical line: defines the inner part of the hook
          4. add a tangent arc (type of arc) to 2 and 3
          5. add a fillet between the left line in 1 and 3
          6. add circles at their respective spots
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              Thomas Le

              Thank you nathan, after sketching your way (which work great by the way), I found another way to sketch the hook.

              What I did was,

              1. Create 2 verticle lines,

              then created 2 circles at the bottom of the two vertical lines and made the two end point of the verticle line coincident to the circle.

              2. I used the trim entities feature to trim the away the entities that wasnt needed.

              and then I connected the two endpoint of the hook with a tangent arc