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Assigning a Macro to a Keyboard Shortcut

Question asked by Wassim Hassoun on Oct 31, 2011
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Hey community,

I brought my gaming mouse into work ive had this mouse for a while and im super comfortable with it, its a logitech g5. ya kinda old but has never f--ked up once and ive seriously went through multiple mice before this one. My problem is im trying to assign the "s" key to one of the buttons on my mouse. I thought it would be as simple as going into the customize thing and assigning the button right next to the "s" key, but i quickly realized that this is impossible so i googled it and found that you can use a macro in sw2012 but found nothing for 2011 the version im currently running. This is the link for the 2012 help:

I realize that i can just download the driver for the mouse and assign the button on my mouse to be the s key but then it will be s on that button for all my programs, kinda useless I would think. Whats the point of having a quick s key when using internet explorer for example. Any one know if its possible to assign a mouse key to the "shortcut bar". For sheets and giggles i attached a pic of the button i wanna use.

Thanks for the help