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    2010 on Windows 7

    David Collins

      My brother is trying to get Solidworks 2010 running on his Windows 7 laptop. I presume it is the Educator's version - since it has been provided to him by his school.


      It installed ok. And we initially ran it without problems - using Windows XP compatibility mode.


      Subsequent attempts to start the program failed however.


      We are now getting a "side-by-side configuration" error:

      this application failed to start because  side-by-side-configuration is incorrect.

      I have tried some suggestions, such as replacing corrupted files by using the 'sfc' command.

      sfc /scannow

      It doesn't seem to have worked. I am still getting the error quoted above.


      My understanding was that Solidworks 2010 should run without problem on Windows 7 (the student/educators version as well as the full). It's a 64-bit laptop - would that be an issue? I have tried various compatibility modes - as well as running it in plain (non-compatibility) mode.


      Any suggestions welcome.

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          Anna Wood

          Will be no problem to run SolidWorks 2010 SP1 on Windows 7.  SP0 will likely run fine as well.  Many of us ran SP0 back then with Windows 7.




          What version of Microsoft Office are you running?  See the asterisk next to Office/Excel on the System Requirements page.





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              David Collins

              Thanks for responding Anna. The problem may indeed be related to Microsoft Office - as you imply. His laptop came pre-installed with Microsoft Office Starter - not the full version. I'm guessing Office Starter doesn't meet Solidworks requirements?


              So we will look into this straight away - and will try to report back. (Even if installing MS Office doesn't resolve the problem - it might be worthwhile for him to have it anyway.)


              I suppose the primary source of confusion at this stage is ... Why did it work initially - and then stop working? Anyway ...


              Also ... I presume the Home/Student edition of Office will suffice?