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    Clarification about Thermal Plot (Resultant Heat Flux)?

    Thimal De Alwis

      Hi all,


      I wanted to get some clarification about the Resultant Heat Flux thermal plot that you can generate from a transient thermal study.  The reported results are in W/m^2, and I have it set to display just one time step at a time.  My question is, I do not understand what "area" they are considering for the m^2 part...is it the area of one element of a mesh?  Basically what I would like to do is calculate the power (and then, heat) of the system from this plot, but I haven't been able to figure out what SW defines as flux.  Any help please?


      (Using SW2010 btw)


      - T

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          David Maxham

          Hi Thimal,  I don't think the flux would be based on just one element of the mesh - it's probably based on one face of the part, but I'm not sure.  Maybe you could run a very simple test where you have just a block that can only conduct heat from one surface by making all the other 5 faces adiabatic.  Then look at the reported results and compare the heat flux to your hand calculations.



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            Matt Madalis

            If you right click on your Resultant Heat flux plot, select probe.  At the top choose "On Selected Entities".  From there select the external faces you are interested in analyzing and click Update.  Below, a summary will give you the average Heat Transfer coeff. in W/m^2.  If you use the Measure Tool you can find the subsequent area of the same region you just probed.  Multiplying the two will give you the heat transfer (Watts) through that given area.


            Hope this helps.