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Attempting to model ladle from "Solidworks Surfacing & Complex Shape Modeling Bible" - issue w/ "thicken" command

Question asked by Robert Brookover on Oct 30, 2011
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So I have Matt Lombard's "Solidworks Surfacing & Complex Shape Modeling Bible" and I'm working on the Ladle from Chapter 15. 


I've brought in the 2 sketch pictures, made the projected curve, and even lofted the surface. 


I'm now at the point of wanting to "thicken" the bowl area of the ladle (p. 284-285 for those who have the book).  According to Matt, he used the "thicken" command & thickened it to the outside 0.1." 


I'm at a loss, for no matter what I do, I cannot get this to work.  Depending on the options I choose in the "Thicken" command (or in the command previous to that, which is the "Surface Knit" command, I end up getting 1 or both of the following "Rebuild Errors":


Failed to offset or face could not be deleted.


Unable to thicken the surface.


If someone could please explain what these errors mean, and maybe take a look at my file & see what I need to change, that would help me out a lot.