2007 not getting along with the Network

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 11, 2006
on 2006 12 14:28 Ken@H-P Products wrote:
> If you have an anti-virus program filtering all of your files you could see such a
> lag. If that was the case, turn off the anti-virus and see if things improve. I
> have mine set to ignore the cad files.

We are running Norton "Corporate Edition" I was able to put all extentions starting with SLD on the exclusion list. This helped a lot.

But being greedy, I tried reinstating the associativity of the extentions to SolidWorks (basicly let the file get its icon from Solidworks again rather than assigning the icon) and the original problem came back.

So it looks to me like I have more than on thing causing my problem. But with the antivirus not scanning the extentions and the files not using the Solidworks.exe file to find their icon, I have gone from crashing or waiting 4 minutes to open a file to 10-20 seconds.

Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. I know my problem is not completely fixed, but the band aid is big enough to let me work again and stop losing my hair over it.