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sketch on a plane shortcut

Question asked by Anton Petrov on Oct 28, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2011 by Anton Petrov

Cad people,


Let me first apologize if this topic has been either covered, or offensively silly.


With that out of the way, i am annoyed with the fact that every time i need to make a sketch on one of the base planes (front/top/right) i have to scroll all the way to the top of the tree to select one of those planes. If i have a big model with lots of features it becomes time consuming.  Ideally, i would like an icon that i can place on the quick access toolbar thing (the one you get to by pressing s on the keyboard) for every plane... or rather for "sketch on a plane".  Or perhaps a keyboard shortcut? (which i can then map to a mouse gesture).  As of right now, in solidworks 2012, i see no way of doing that. In fact, i see no other alternative whatsover to scrolling to the top of the tree to get to those planes.


Soo.... thoughts?  I can't be the only one that is bothered by this.  Thanks!!